What every picture has in common in this gallery is that they are original prints, whether etchings, silkscreen or lithographs.

Printmaking is a hand process of taking a plate through a press, as in the case of etching, and using pressure to imprint an image onto paper. A series of the same images is known as an edition. This process has nothing to do with commercial printing methods, or reproduced prints of artists’ works. It is a laborious, fascinating process where the hand of the artist is involved continuously, from the wiping of ink, the pressing and damping of the paper, the reworking of the plate, to the final creation.

“Three Figures”
17” x 101/2
“Ross Creek, Dunedin”
51/2” x 121/2
Private Collection
“Carolan’s Muse”
141/2” x 12”
16” x 10”
Silk Screen
“On a Wing and a Prayer”
14” x 11”
Etching and Aquatint
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